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Below is a home located in Lewistown. We started this project off by moving many hundreds of tons of fill dirt to 
control the water run-off. We used the equipment to incorporate two large swales in the rear yard to control the 
water run-off away from the home and the new in ground swimming pool. We then used fill dirt around the pool 
area to bring it up to grade. We then placed a geo-textile weed barrier down and covered that over with 2 b sized 
river stone. The river stone adds to the concrete area surrounding the pool and makes more use full space. We then 
installed a new vinyl pool fence that was up to local pool codes. The vinyl fencing was purchased from our supplier 
Fences and More in Mifflintown and installed by us. We then placed dug out for three new retaining walls. Two 
retaining walls were built at the entrance to the pool in which we incorporated new steps up to the pool area. We 
then installed a paver walkway into the pool entrance area. There are a few more pictures of the end result at the 
end of this project. We used a 6" Rockwood straight faced retaining wall block, Granite Swirl in color. The caps 
and step treads were a matching 4" straight Rockwood Granite Swirl cap. The pavers were a Old Roman Classic 
Paver Granite blend in color and laid in a random pattern. We used a grey polymeric sand in the joints between the 
pavers to ensure the joints don't wash out. We then built one more wall using the same block and caps between the 
garage and the rear porch. This helped us bring the finish grade up to were it needed to be. In the area behind the 
wall we then placed a geo-textile fabric down and top coated that with river stone. This area made a real nice dog 
wash area with good drainage.
The next thing we built was a small wall out of pressure treated timbers around the a/c unit to help us be able to 
bring the finish grade up to where it should have been. We then had topsoil dump trucked in. We spread the topsoil 
and used the rock away and loader on it to level and create a new level seed bed for our grass seed. We then seeded 
the yards with a Metro blend of grass. We then placed a erosion control blanket in the swale areas to help try to 
control the possible wash out areas in the event of a hard rain before the new grass gets established. The rest of the 
yard we spread straw on by hand due to the accessibility of the yard. We then had a tri-axle load of 2 A Modified 
stone hauled in and we placed and shaped that in the driveway. This was a descent sized job as you can tell by the 
pictures, with the end result almost being un-believable.

Before                 After

Below are a few after pictures of the swimming pool 
entrance walls steps and paver entrance into the pool area.

Below is a home located in Lewistown, Mifflin County, in which we along with the customer designed this 
retaining wall. This was one phase of the project at this home. We removed almost all the plants and bushes 
and cut in mulch beds. We then placed a geo-textile weed barrier down with hold down pins. We then planted 
new plants and bushes and re-mulched with a dyed black hardwood bark mulch. This wall is a Old Castle wall 
from Lowes. This wall added to the entrance into the home and made a great border/hold back for the mulch 
behind it. Very nice addition to the front look of the home.

Before                 After

Above shows how the 
wall meets up to the 
house foundation. Very 
nice flow into the 
homes foundation.

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