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New walls, steps and paver walkway located at the rear of the home between the house and the in ground swimming pool. We installed the Tan colored, English Garden Walls by EP Henry to add to the appearance between the pool and home and to also allow us to have a support for the side of the swimming pool. We installed Conestoga Buff colored Stratford pavers made by Hanson in a random pattern with a 6" x 6" soldier (border) course. We used a polymeric sand in the joints between the pavers to ensure the joints don't wash out. The step treads were each fabricated from one solid piece of sandstone with a texture finish on one side. Very nice and functional walls, steps and walkways. Really adds to the appearance of the area between the house and the pool.

Before                                                                                        After

Below is a home located in Burnham, Mifflin County, in which we along with the customer designed these retaining
walls and concrete parking area with a new cement sidewalk. We excavated about 36 tons of fill dirt out for these walls. 
We used a Classic 6 straight wall block made by Rockwood, granite swirl in color. We also installed a retaining wall 
behind this wall area to give a defined end of the bank area. We then hauled in and placed 2 b sized river stone on the 
bank with a geo-textile fabric weed barrier underneath. The cement parking area was made from 4,000 psi strength 
concrete and has steel reinforcing in the middle. We finished the concrete using a sponge with a swirl method to give 
the concrete a textured finish that will allow traction in almost every direction of travel. Very nice parking area for a 
home that never really had level parking and the flow of the walls adds to the general appearance of the home.

Before                 After

Below is a home located in Reedsville, Mifflin County, in which we along with the customer designed these retaining 
walls and small patio located at the step entrance to the side porch area. We installed the walls to add to the appearance 
landing area at the bottom of the steps. We used cottage stone, granite swirl in color retaining wall blocks made by 
Rockwood. The pavers are old roman classic pewter blend in color, set in a random pattern, with a 6" x 6" soldier 
(border) course. We used polymeric grey sand in the joints to ensure that they don't ever wash out. The walls and paver 
area add a finished look to the side of this home and give the customer a place to plant new shrubs and flowers.
Below is a home located in Lewistown, Mifflin County, in which we along with the customer designed this retaining wall and new concrete sidewalk area. The main goal was to excavate the bank off to help reduce the steepness of the bank to make easier mowing. We then installed a new retaining wall using classic 6" Rockwood beveled block tan in color. We post/mailbox. We then broke up and installed a new concrete sidewalk using 4,000 psi concrete with steel reinforcement in the middle. We finished the concrete using a sponged swirl look to add a textured functional finish to the sidewalk area. As you can tell by the pictures below it really changed the entrance to the property located up behind the retaining wall and made mowing the bank area behind the wall a little easier than before.

Before                 After

This is a Hardscaping job we did at home along 522 near the Point Store, in which we incorporated a raised paver area with a flag pole inside. We used Rockwood cottage stone retaining wall blocks, Brandywine in color. The blocks and pavers were purchased from Beavertown Block. The pavers are manufactured  by Hanover and are Stratford style, Burnt Red Blend in color. We laid them using a random pattern and filled the joints with a grey polymeric sand. We then tapped onto an existing power source and powered up two 500 watt halogen flood lights using a dust to dawn photo-cell to light the American Flag all night long. Very nice backyard center piece that really stands out at night.
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